Surf Fishing is very good in front of the Beach Houses. Use a standard surf pole or a fresh water pole with a spinning rod. If the pole is seven feet or taller your casts will be easier, but a six foot pole will do on calm days. Don't make the common mistake that the farther out you cast the more fish you catch. We find in the Punta Banda Spit (six mile sandy beach) that less is more. We walk out to our waste then make an easy cast of another twenty yards or so. We use your common break down (two piece) Surf Poles around seven to eight feet. Almost anywhere on the beach is good.

Use standard surf tackle and bait ranges from Anchovies to Clams. With Clams you will get more edible fish. Anchovies seem to increase the Sand Sharks, Sting Rays, and even Manta Rays. Corvina, Yellowfin Croaker, Perch, and Bass have been caught right in front of the Beach Houses. You can get bait at Vonny's Fleet Panga Boat Fishing. You can find Vonny's Fleet information in the Links area. I suggest getting both Clams and Anchovies. This way if one is not working the other may. The best fights are the Large Sand Sharks. We always put them back in the water to catch them when they are bigger. The Yellowfin Croaker is the best
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edible fight, but the Corvina and Perch are the best meals. The fishing in the Surf is far superior to the States. The only time I recommend you not Surf Fish is when there is a red tide. That is what we call a tide that has a bunch of little red seaweed. It wraps around your line and makes it impossible if not frustrating to fish. That is a great time to go Bay Fishing. You can Surf Fish all year round, but the water gets a might nippy during the Winter time.

On the right is a pdf file with more detailed understanding of how to tie the tackle and fish these waters. Feel free to down load and print this file for your personal use.