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Over the years I have fished on Panga Boats while in numerous villages and small towns in the Baja. I enjoyed most of those trips, but a little over ten years ago I found Vonny's Fleet in the Punta Banda Area and now compare all fishing operations in the Baja to them. They set a new standard of professionalism and success. You will not only catch fish you will learn how to fish better over time.

Ivan Villarino built this business with a reputation of outstanding professionalism and integrity. I am honored to call him a friend. When three boats go out, the competition between Beto, Hector, and Vincente is like being in a fishing tournament. Each of the guides will do everything they can to help you bring back a cooler full of fish. You can find all of the contact  information in the Links area.

Panga Boat Fishing is an all year event. What you catch is based on seasons, but many time we have caught fish out of season. In the Winter you fish more on the bottom and you can catch Cod, Bass, Tree fish, Red Snapper, Ling Cod (my favorite), Sand Bass and Giant Bass. During the Warmer months you can still fish on the bottom, but the surface could have Bonita, Barracuda, Calico Bass, or Yellow Tail running.

Once again, this is not like fishing in the States. They move the boat constantly to insure you catch the most amount of fish. The Trip is worth it just for the view. You fish between Todo Santos Island and the La Bufadora point. Although you can't see it from the shore, there are several islands out there and nature is abundant. We have seen Star Fish, Dolphins, Seals, Birds of all types, Sun Fish floating, all types of Jelly Fish floating, and Blue and Sperm whales. A good camera is mandatory on one of these trips. Panga Fishing is so great in Punta Banda, that we have guests that went out again the very next day.

Vonny's Fleet is located on the Road to La Bufadora. From Punta Banda (or the beach) you head for La Bufadora. Once you are in La Jolla (just past all of the Olive and tamale shops on your left you will hit the first speed bump. A block or so after that you will see a school up the hill on the beach side and just opposite that on the left is Vonny's fleet. There is a dirt road that goes up to where you see the Pangas. If you hit the second speed bump, you just missed it on the south side of the street above you. Click the Vonny's Fleet Links for more information on how to contact them. 

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