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Like any beach house the activities are right down the path to the beach.The Surf Fishing in the area is Fantastic.

Most houses have a variety of beach toys like Boogie Boards, Skim Boards, Surf Boards, Fins, noodles and assorted water toys. If you are renting from
The Baja Experience we will provide surfboards, Boogie Boards, Skim Boards and even Sand Castle toys if the house you rent does not have them.

Some of the houses even have Kayaks. Some guests bring their own. Either way, at low tide the Ocean Kayaking is wonderful for even the most novice. At high tide it takes a little more experienced kayaker Dales Dive Shop and also Vonny's Fleet rent Kayaks in the area.

Many Cruise Ship people as well as guests from all over the world like to ride the horses on the beach. Click on the picture or the link to the left for more info on that.

Dales Dive Shop in La Bufadora is a great way to go diving in the area.

A trip to La Bufadora is worth the drive alone. Many times we have seen whales off the point. It is also a great chance to see where the beach houses are from up a little higher. The Shops, Restaurants, and the Blow Hole itself is worth the visit. When we first started going to La Bufadora we went every trip. It was always a great afternoon of fun.

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