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Directions to Punta Banda Campo Uno

Drive south from San Diego to the Mexican Border. When you get to the Border, there will be a stop light at driver height. The light will be probably be green. If it is red stop and go. Keep to the left and avoid the inspection area. This area is for declaring items you are bringing into Mexico for Mexican residences.
It is extremely rare that you will be pulled over. If you are, just answer their questions and you will be on your way.

Soon after you pass the inspection area, follow the signs to the scenic (toll) road to Rosarito/Ensenada. It will be on your right side soon after you pass the inspection area.
 Follow the toll road down the coast until you get into Ensenada. There are three toll stations. The first is just after you start going south on the Coast, the next one is in Rosarito Beach and the last one is as you enter Ensenada. You will need about $2.50 per stop. This depends on the exchange rate. Don’t worry they have change in both currencies.

Before you get into Ensenada proper the road will split and you need to stay to the right. Once you enter Ensenada stay to the right and you will be on Blvd. Lazardo Cardenas. Stay on this road and you will soon see the big three sculptured heads on your right in a park. There is also a huge Mexican flag in the park. This area is also where the cruise ships come in. Keep going down the street

You will see the navy station on the right and a Pemex Gas Station on your left. At that location, you turn left and continue up this road heading east. Watch out for the stop sign at the hospital on your right.

Follow the road to the Soriano (grocery store, a block after the hospital) then turn right (it’s the 2nd traffic light). It is the next major intersection. At Soriano you will turn onto Av Reforma.

You are now back on Mexico One. You just stay on this road. (This road could take you all the way to Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the Baja).

Follow the road for a while then take a right turn at the La Bufadora turnoff. Follow that road to the water and you are there. Keep going past Junior’s (left side), Sharky's (Left Side), and Pacifica Materials (left side). Keep going until you see a produce stand on the right.

The next right turn is the beach road. A billboard for the Peninsula, the horses if they are out, or the "Are you enjoying the new road" sign. Turn right here on the gravel road and you can just go straight to the peninsula without the pot holes. The next several lefts are different beach camps in Punta Banda. If you are going to Campo Uno you will take the third left turn just before the guard gate.

Speaking English in Baja Norte

It is not necessary to speak Spanish in Baja Norte. There is always someone who speaks English. For the most part, you can get by in Ensenada, Punta Banda, and La Bufadora. With that said, every once in a while we are somewhere where no one speaks English. You would be surprised what you can get done with just a few words in Spanish. I do not recommend or suggest you learn the language before you come down, but rather learn a few appropriate phrases and you will get by. I suggest the following traveling companion. For the frugal some of $5.95 you can get by anywhere in the Baja. Click on the Book Below.

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