This page is dedicated to helping you be aware of the local services in the Punta Banda area.

You can find whatever you need in Ensenada (with or without the ability to speak Spanish) on the way to Punta Banda. In fact, we now have a Walmart, Costco, and Home Depot on the way to the Beach. We even have a Commercial Mexicana which is the Mexican version of a Wal Mart in the same area.

When you need to re-supply, you can do that in Punta Banda and Maneadero much easier than driving all the way back to Ensenada. We have a Major Grocery Store now right at the "Y" off of Reforma (Mexico One) and the turn off to La Bufadora (and Punta Banda).

The following pages are dedicated to an ongoing effort to educate you for your trip to make sure that you do not have to experiment with the few days you have to spend in our paradise. This ongoing effort takes untold efforts in man hours. So we will do it one service at a time so bare with us.

Click on the pictures above or the Lower Buttons on the left to learn more about these services. Unlike several web sites that claim to be Baja or Mexico Experts, we claim to be advanced students who must learn first before teaching you. . I have never the liked the word expert when there is so much more to learn. I would like to say that soon we will be done with this effort, but with the changes and growth in this area we are assured that we will never be done. So with that said, see below at our most current effort.
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