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We understand that many of you are new to the area. We have spent hours upon hours writing a Baja guide which includes numerous tips on a successful and wonderful trip to the Northern Baja. We update as often as we can. To you Baja Veterans, and I say that with respect that you may be my equal in knowledge of the Baja and may have traveled there as often or as long as we have, we would ask you to email us knowledge you have that you do not find in our guide so that we may experience it ourselves as well as share it with our future guests.

Each guest that stays in one of the TBE rentals will receive a folder well before there trip that includes our Kennedy Baja Guide, Directions to your house, Rules of the camp, Help with knowledge about crossing both borders, Tips on planning and packing supplies, Restaurant menus, Coupons for savings, and information about things to do like Panga Boat Fishing.
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We are constantly improving this kit. We do this for one reason, the first time we rented a house in Punta Banda we knew nothing. In addition, we had to experience this trip with trial and error. This made for many trips that we could not and did not maximize. This unfortunately is the case with many of our competitors. We know that you may not know enough about the area to maximize your trip. We are here to help you maximize even your first trip and every trip there after. That is what is so great about our kit. Many people read the kit in route to Punta Banda. They plan their meals and entertainment in route to this area.

In addition, Eileen and I are each available to you via email, internet, and or phone before and even while you are in Punta Banda to help you with decisions, planning, and for additional information you might need. We absolutely love the area and want nothing more than a great vacation for you and yours. We want you to come back looking forward to doing again what you did on your first trip and experimenting with what you did not try. Use us as a knowledge base so that you maximize your trip.