Estero Fishing is great when the water is moving. In other words, on tide movements, so you can get there at the beginning or ending of high tide. I have seen people catch fish on the end of low tide as well. We have caught fish right on the "Z" road. Just pull over onto the sandy areas and start casting out. There is also a dock north on the road up by the old Hotel. Right after you come into the Hotel area, turn right and drive east to the dock. That would be and immediate right turn on the beach road past the second guard gate.
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Tackle used here is varied. Some people just use Surf Tackle. I find a cross between Panga Boat Tackle and Surf Tackle works best. Repallas, Scampi, and Spoons work out here as well. Remember you are fishing for Halibut and Bass so be prepared to catch a big one. They get up to 10 lbs out there. Most of the time the Halibut are about two feet in size. When bait fishing, I recommend the opposite of Surf Fishing.
The PDF File on the right will give you additional and more detailed information about fishing in the Estero for Halibut and Bass
Anchovies seem to catch more edible fish in the bay. Clams tend to catch Sand Sharks and Sting Rays. Like Surf Fishing in this area, you can fish all year round. However, like in all fishing in the area, it is better in warmer weather.