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This Restaurant was recommended by our good friend Fermin Ramirez Jaime. He and his wife Maria had to show it to us or we never would have found it. It is off the beaten path and you would have to be a local to know about it and where it is. Not anymore. Click above on the right picture for good directions to the restaurant. Their phone number and other info is there as well.

It is amazing what they in Ensenada take for granted. Their are so many great restaurants in this city and this was no exception. Although, they have some higher priced choices, their menu has a wide variety of meals and pricing. This would be an appropriate time to put into perspective higher pricing. I am comparing them to Ensenada not the States! They obviously specialize in Seafood and do it well. The picture above and to the left is their menu and in it you will find their phone number.

We tried a variety of fish including bacon wrapped shrimp, garlic catch of the day (Corvina) in foil, and my new greatest combo Lobster and Abalone. First, I have never seen that as a combo. Second, the lobster was good but could not compare to the Abalone. They have this dish down and you need to go there and order it!

They also have Steaks and Fermin had one that looked great, but the fish dishes were so varied and wonderful we had to try them.

Their wine choices are varied and numerous, the restaurant is large and great for large parties. There is a bar to the right as you come in. Another positive (being a beer drinker) their beer is ice cold! From time to time I am in a restaurant where they are trying to save money on cooling the beer and that is not the case here. There are several large rooms so you and your party can be separated from others at the restaurant. The very size of the restaurant indicates their success. A lesser restaurant could not support the overhead.

This is a good time to discuss service. It is five stars, I have never given this award, and well above the pricing for the meals. You will want for nothing that you would need a waiter or other help for. They are on your table quietly and in the background, but ever present. Out of eye sight and forever in ear shot. The perfect mix.

What the best restaurants in Ensenada all have is parking. The off street parking at this restaurant is large and behind a large brick wall. So you will have no problem parking to enjoy this great treat. You and all of your party can park easily, this is not done in much of Ensenada. While walking to my car in the off street parking I could not help looking back and remembering the best Abalone I ever had. I won't forget the Abalone for years.