The strong dollar has returned and the most recent rate that I saw was (03/04/2014) at 13.28 Pesos to one dollar. The savings based on this ratio is near 30%. on your Baja Vacation. Hand them $100.00 US Dollars and they will hand you $130.00 in Pesos. There is little inflation in the Baja every thing cost the same it did when the ratio was 10 Pesos to 1 US Dollar.
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A Cambio will exchange your dollars for pesos. We have entered a new era of ever changing ratios between the Dollar and Peso. For more than a decade it has been between 9 to 11 to one. Mostly the rate has been 10 to 1 for years on in. Almost all business used 10 to 1 in conversion. You must exchange your Dollars into Pesos to take advantage of this new era.

Remember everyone will take dollars for your payment, but you may not get the appropriate exchange rate. In most cases it will be done in the vendors head. If you are using a credit card you are fine since they use the rate at that given moment for your conversion. So Credit Card purchases are fine no matter what the rate.

As all Baja Veterans know, cash is king in the Baja. Pesos are now king of maximizing your vacation dollars. Use this site to see the current rate before your trip. Then watch for the cambio's advertising two rates. One rate is for purchasing pesos with dollars (the lower one). The other number is to buy your pesos and give you back dollars (the higher one).