Tacos at Danny's are fantastic and make sure you try their marinated beans. Try all the condiments being aware that some are hotter than others.

They give you a plain taco (good enough just the way it is) then you put the toppings you want on it. They have several types of salsa, guacamole, onions, marinated tomatoes & onions, cabbage, and a number of other toppings (we usually add the beans to the tacos). Danny's is across the street from Pacific Materials, the hardware store, and on the south side of the main Road in Punta Banda. If you have kids, remember to remind them of the tradition my kids have, a contest to determine who could eat the most tacos at Danny's.

By the way, Americans are of two varieties in Mexico; those of us that tip the same way in the states as we do in Mexico and those of us (I am ashamed to stay) that take the approach that they can tip much less since these people will appreciate anything. Please do not belong to the second group. The meal gourmet or otherwise cost you less. So tipping at 20% cost you less as well and will leave the people that follow you in a much better light.
Remember, always pay in pesos if listed in the menu. The rate has changed so much lately that you never know what exchange rate you will be given for dollars. Better to avoid the concern and maximize your money.
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You will find inexpensive and great fast food at Danny's. Remember, fast food in Mexico is always just made and delicious. Fresh is the key at taco stands. They are the McDonalds of Mexico and the food is so much better for you. They quickly put together great tacos that are Shrimp, chicken, or beef (carne asada).