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Out On The Punta Banda Pennisula:
Baja Mamas is the only restaurant out on the spit north of our beach houses. This is a restaurant made from a house right on the beach. On the peninsula, Baja Mama’s is a nice restaurant with a decidedly Baja American cuisine. They are open from 4 to 10 PM Wednesday through Saturday. This in itself is a sign of their success since they are not seasonal. They are north past the guard gate on the spit. You can watch the sun go down over the ocean while having dinner. They are a little more expensive than the local restaurants, but most definitely cater to the local peninsula Americans. Their Sunday Brunch is a highlight if you are down through Sunday. If you want to check on them being open or special events their phone number is 646-154-2639. I would call if you are coming with an extra large party. Their menu is usually a large chalk board. Their fair changes every few days. I have enjoyed Quail, T Bone Steak, Gourmet Chicken Dishes and any number of fish and shrimp dishes there over the years.
The food changes for holidays as well so don't expect the regular menu on certain holidays.
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During the Summer, Baja Mamas serves Beach Lunches from 11:00 AM through 3:00 PM.
The Menu is like everything else they do, off the wall for a restaurant in Mexico. If you can not find something you like with this menu you are not having any fun:
Incredible Burgers
Kosher Dogs
Fresh Fish Tacos
Gringo Taco Bar
Bucket of Steamed Clams
Oysters on the Half Shell
Plus Happy Hour Prices on Beer and Margaritas

A few years ago I had the best Corn Beef and Cabbage that I ever had on St. Patty's day. Because of the all out effort they go to for American Holidays, I am pleased when I land there for dinner on one of them. I have seen guests disappointed that they only had one dish for certain holidays, but when they taste the food, they were glad they only had one choice. So be for warned and recommended at the same time if you are going there on a holiday.